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Number one source of injuries in the Oild & Gas service occur while attempting to make or break hammer connections

The efficiency and productivity of oil and gas, chemical production, water processing and other industries depends heavily on their ability to transport fluids through various pipes. While pipes are essential to resource transportation, they introduce safety hazards that need to be addressed.


R&H Machine, LLC provides a long-needed solution to “one of the biggest safety hazards that plague the industry – pipe connector assemblies” (Bull, 2007).

R&H’s business is the machining of intricate parts to solve issues in the oil & gas industry. Their knowledge of the industry helped them identify the inefficiencies of current tools such as hammer union designs.

Conventional hammer unions present substantial safety hazards, due to:

  • Using assembly pieces that are not designed for oneanother.
  • Requiring the use of a sledgehammer to tighten the wingnut. Wing nuts have to be hammered 4 – 8 times for a good seal, and the overall physical strain necessary becomes a bodily concern (Bull, 2007). Bodily injuries occur from missing hammer strikes, the sledgehammer slipping out of worker’s hands, or metal shards breaking off from the wing nut or the hammer itself.
  • Most injuries on-site in the energy services occur while attempting to make or break one of these hammer union connections (Bull, 2007).
  • Potential health concerns associated with the act of swinging a sledgehammer.
  • Frequent beating on the hammer union can cause premature failure for the connection. Cracking a wing nut can lead to seal failure, which might result in a potential explosion

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