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Our proven solutions for the oil and gas industry have moved us to the forefront of your industry. We have been recognized for the uniqueness of our products and services, like our swivels and SaferUnion. Every time we look to bring you a new product, we know our reputation is on the line - and word gets around in the oil and gas industry, so we won't
deliver a product that we will not stand behind. We are a second-generation family grown business. Based in Texas, and woman owned, our reputation has been earned, not given, and we strive to keep that reputation in tact.

Industry Recognized Leaders

CNC Lathes
and Turning
Our CNC lathes are the foundation for fabricating many projects. We can handle workpieces from 6" to 25" in diameter. The swing our machines can achieve is from 4.5" to 28.6", giving you the versatility needed to create your next product. The top-notch accuracy and repeatability of our lathe machines ensure you get the exact product you need, every time. Our multi-axis (3 & 4) turning centers create multiple operations in a single machine. This makes complex projects easier and more cost-effective.
While CNC Lathe machines are taking over the industry, there is still a place for Manual Lathes, and the precision of an educated, skilled person with the abilities to perform this job well. Our manual lathes and skilled operators can cut your part with precision, to your specifications, providing you with the exact part you need for your equipment.
The precise nature of CNC Milling makes this the perfect way to cut your next product. Our mills are set up to work with both large and small projects, cutting them to the exact specifications needed. Our nine different CNC mills use Cat40, Cat50, NTB30, and NTB40 spindles, and with several different table sizes, from 48" X 20" to 60" X 40" our mills are prepared to produce all your parts with extreme precision. Our 3 & 4 axis CNC machining centers allow us to produce complex parts quickly and precisely in one or two operations, minimizing time and cost.
Manual milling can create many different products, from small parts to heavy-duty milling. Various tools are used to create precision and accuracy during the machining process. The manual milling process allows us to serve businesses of all sizes without spending too much time programming the machine, saving you time and money. Our experienced operators can get your project done quickly, with quality work at their fingertips.
The precision of plasma cutting is also available to each of our customers. With ionized gas, we can cut through 6" thick metal plates with ease. For your thicker metals, our plasma cutter will get the job done quickly and with accuracy.
& Fabrication
Our highly trained, certified team provides a full range of metal fabrication services including welding, bending, flanging, and rolling. Our welders are trained and certified in 625 Overlay welding, 316 Overlay welding, and 2205 Duplex welding, and are ready to take on your most difficult projects.
Our high-production bandsaws deliver precision results every time. Our different bandsaws can cut up to a 20" X 18" rectangle, 18" X 18" square, and a 12" round piece of metal for your next project.
Know what you need, but don't have the specs? Our design and drafting team can create your drafts for you. Using Solid Works, our premier drafting tool, our team can quickly and easily create the draft for your next project. Our 2D and 3D designs show you what your product will look like before we build it. Our quick turnaround time means you still get your product when you need it.
Pressure Testing/ Hydrostatic
Need to test the limits of your pipeline? We can help. Our team is trained to look for anything that may be amiss in your pipeline. We will test the reliability and maximum capacity of your pipeline up to 30k psi. We look for leaks and test the joint fittings and pressures, so you can get your pipeline into service quickly while knowing your line meets or exceeds the industry and your requirements. Whether you are looking for initial qualification of your pipeline or later proof pressure testing, our team at R&H Machine can help.
Our capabilities don't stop here! If you don't see what you need, contact us, and we'll let you know how we can help!