The R&H Machine facility is strategically located in an industrial hub in Longview, Texas, offering easy access to major transportation routes for efficient material supply and product distribution. Spanning over 100,000 square feet, the facility is designed for optimal workflow and houses an array of specialized equipment:
CNC Machining Centers
State-of-the-art CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines enable precise fabrication of complex parts, supporting a wide range of materials.
Laser Cutting Systems
Advanced laser cutters provide high precision in metal fabrication, ensuring accuracy and consistency.
Welding Stations
Equipped with the latest welding technology, these stations facilitate high-quality joining of metal components for various applications.
Quality Control Lab
The facility includes a dedicated quality control laboratory, equipped with sophisticated measuring and testing equipment to ensure products meet stringent standards.
Assembly Line
A spacious assembly area allows for the efficient construction of large-scale and intricate machinery components.
Design and Prototyping Space
Housing the latest CAD/CAM software and 3D printing technology, this area is essential for rapid prototyping and design validation.
The facility upholds global standards with ISO 9001 and API Q1 certifications, emphasizing quality management and environmental care. Its design features energy-efficient lighting and waste reduction measures, ensuring sustainable operations. The layout prioritizes production efficiency and worker safety, with ergonomic workstations and clear signage. These elements enable R&H Machine to consistently deliver superior, tailored solutions, reinforcing its industry leadership.