R&H Machine stands as a beacon of ethical integrity and social responsibility in the industry. Our unwavering commitment to sustainable practices reflects in every aspect of our operations, from eco-friendly manufacturing processes to community engagement initiatives. We actively strive to make a positive impact on both the local community and the environment, embodying a business model that balances industrial innovation with ecological mindfulness.
Our dedication to these principles not only enhances our corporate identity, but also fosters a culture of responsibility and respect, underscoring our role as a conscientious leader in our field.

Social Contributions

Hallsville ISD
At R&H Machine, we are committed to contributing positively to our community, particularly in the realm of education and youth development. Our support extends to various school sports teams, enhancing their athletic programs. Furthermore, we have invested in the infrastructure of several schools, such as constructing covered areas for the tennis courts at Hallsville ISD.
Our dedication to agricultural education is evident through our active involvement with FFA, where we support the aspirations of young agriculturalists. Each year, we participate in the Harvest Festival in Longview, TX, proudly purchasing student projects ranging from livestock to agricultural mechanics and home economics creations. These purchases, symbolizing our investment in the future of these young minds, are proudly displayed along the west wall of our offices, serving as a constant reminder of our commitment to nurturing local talent and supporting our community.
Taste of the Oil Patch
R&H Machine is deeply invested in supporting various non-profit initiatives, with a focus on enriching our community. Historically, we have contributed to several committees dedicated to providing scholarships for children. Presently, our significant support is directed towards 'Taste of the Oil Patch' (TOTOP), where our own Holly Richardson serves as a board member. This organization plays a crucial role in raising funds for Truman W. Smith Children's Care, a local children's hospital known for its exceptional care and support of Truman W. Smith Children's Care.
Our contributions are not just financial; we actively participate in decision-making, such as voting on necessary equipment purchases like lifts for patient rooms, or when repairs are essential. Our involvement also extends to providing miscellaneous items as needed.These efforts are funded by an annual cook-off event each spring, demonstrating our community's collective commitment to this cause.
Delta Waterfowl group
In addition to our work with TOTOP, we consistently support the local Delta Waterfowl group, further showcasing our dedication to both local and broader community initiatives. Our engagement in these non-profit activities reflects our strong belief in corporate responsibility and the power of community support.
Sabine Education Foundation
R&H Machine is proud to support the Sabine ISD Education Banquet, an initiative that plays a vital role in enhancing educational experiences. This event is specifically focused on providing financial assistance to teachers, directing all funds towards the acquisition of essential resources and tools they require for their classrooms. Our involvement in this endeavor reflects our commitment to empowering educators and enriching the learning environment for students.: Sabine Education Foundation.
In each of these endeavors, R&H Machine's focus remains steadfast: to contribute meaningfully and sustainably to our community, honoring past legacies while fostering future growth. We support and encourage our employees to participate in community service and philanthropic efforts as well.