R&H Machine has a wide variety of production equipment, midstream equipment, well testing equipment, and flowback equipment, both in stock & for order, so you will save time by partnering with us as your oil and gas parts supplier. Our products, such as swivels and plug catchers are recognized
by the industry as the most durable and long-lasting, giving peace of mind for field personnel and management. We strive to earn your trust and be that one-stop shop for all your parts needs.

Quality Products
— Quality Fabrication

Our high-pressure swivels are created to stand the test of time and pressure. They are durable and reliable, and because of this they are used in workover and coil tubing applications throughout the oil and gas industy. Pressure tested at 8.5k or 15k psi.
Avoid expensive disposal of kill fluids with R&H Machine's mini snubbing units. For use in both onshore and offshore equipment, we have several units, from 150k to 330k pounds full force, available.
Mini Snubbing
R&H Machine fabricates plug catchers of various sizes. Durable, corrosion-resistant, and easy to maintain, these plug catchers stand up to the harsh environments they were built for.
After reducing pressure with a choke, hydrates tend to form. Our line heaters prevent this from happening. We offer line heaters with pressure up to 15k psi that are reliable and put your mind at ease
Our gas busters come in several sizes, our most popular being the 20" and 24 inch. Separating liquids from gas has never been more convenient or easy. With a top-vent for the gas and a liquid exit on the bottom, R&H Machine's gas busters fit most standard operations.
R&H Machine offers standard and custom API 6A spool flanges in various sizes. Whether you need spacer spools, drilling spools, or more, our skilled team can have these flanges ready for you at a moments notice.
R&H Machine has a wide range of through tubing products that can be used while your well is still producing. Our tools have been used for cutting, connecting & indexing, isolation, and more.
Our manifold skids are designed for ease of transport and improved carrying capacity. Our skid design allows for easy removal and serviceability during the well maintenance cycle.
Reduce damage to your downstream equipment with R&H Machine's sand separators. With several different standard sizes and PSI measures available, we can fabricate the right sand knock-out for your needs.
Sand Separator
/ Knock-out
Our coil tubing lubricators are fullbore and supply a pressure buffer area for tool strings that are fed to wells. Lubricators can be connected to be used according to your field requirements.