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Snubbing controls oil or gas pressure while you run or pull tubing, drill pipe, or casing into your well. Snubbing overcomes the limitations of other workover systems and eliminates the use of kill fluids in the well.
Because snubbing is completed in "live well" conditions, the quality of your snubbing unit can make the difference on how your well performs.

We Machine Snubbing Units

R&H Machine's high-quality, quick setup snubbing units make the perfect solution for your snubbing operations.
of our Snubbing Machine:
Remove risk of kill fluid damage
Complete operations on "live well"
Reduce or eliminate disposal of kill fluids
Quicker "to production" times
Decrease costs from down time
Our self-contained snubbing equipment finishes your job quickly and easily and is suitable for both onshore and offshore use. The simplicity of snubbing units allows you to have your tasks completed, often before your conventional operation is rigged up.
Live Well Applications
of our Snubbing Units:
Well completion

Running/pulling tubing and casing under pressure

Drilling bridge or sand plugs

Remove heavy fluids
Well abandonment or plugging

Milling and washing

Well workovers

Underground blowout and recovery
R&H Machine's snubbing units give you complete control, protecting against overload. The hydraulic system allows for responsive tool manipulation and control of the torque and speed of the mounted rotary.
Features and Specs:
150k - 600k psi units

Rotary Capacity
Snubbing Capacity

Lift Capacity
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